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Salt Bait for Wildness KORN‘as



Suitable for: hogs, deers, mooses, roe-deers, mufflons.

Remains effective in bad weather conditions.

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21,77 €

tax incl.

MAX energy source! Hard, Not Melting, Delicious, Smelling, Handmade.

-Full of Corns.

-Full of Minerals

-Full of Vitamins.

-Full of Salt.

It is nutritional supplement which supplies game with necessary minerals, especially in winter and when there is a high salt demand. It is a salt with minerals, vitamins combined with corn. The salty is balanced. So wildness can eat right now. Often the usual salt pasta is too salty for them, so wildness are waiting for a melting and lick it right from the ground. Wildness needs minerals all the year round.

Contains only natural ingredients.

It's a product that has no analogue to this day. Wildness especially likes it. For a long time. Exclusive product.

Made in Lithuania.

Weight: no Less than 3 kg., Ø 160 mm, Height 120 mm.

Use: to be approved in a place accessible to the animal.

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