Flashlight Prospektus AS-1 Expand

Professional Hunting Flashlight AS-1 with Remote Control (with CE)



299,77 €

tax incl.

Product Video

Professional Hunting Flashlight AS-1 using with a rifle

AS-1 flashlight, as a light source, is mounted to a rifle with standart holders. ADVANTAGE: no need to use switch with cable, which does not have features such us light source control. AS-1 flashlight is unique in that you can use the remote control that is easily affixed to the gun kulaks. Just click lightening switch, the light slowly begin to increase. When you are watching to wild animals through the optics, you can see their silhouettes. When visibility is sufficient, the switch is released.

Hunter, picked the right beast and excellent seeing it, do to him as he sees the best. Since there is no need to shout in hastle, shot will be accurate.

AS-1 flashlight will help to prevent a terrible mistake, when picked off mother of a female. Illuminate enough slowly and do not frighten the beast. So why you have availability to make sure.

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